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For Fitness
Elevate your fitness in our Gym

At Tannum Fitness Centre, we're committed to equipping you for fitness success. Beyond thrilling activities, our gym is designed to foster strength, endurance, and health. Tailored for those seeking traditional workouts, our gym provides diverse exercise options to suit your goals, from muscle building to cardiovascular health.


Join us to kickstart your fitness journey with expert guidance and a supportive atmosphere that breeds progress and achievement.


Our basic gym is thoughtfully equipped with an array of tools to cater to your fitness journey:


  • Spin bikes

  • Free and pin weights

  • Rubber-coated plates and dumbbells

  • Cardio boxers and Boxing columns

  • Fit balls & steps

  • Power ropes, skipping ropes, climbing ropes

  • Jacob's ladder

  • Suspension trainers (TRX)

  • Various benches, cages, bars, and handles

With ample space, flexible operating hours, and reasonable prices, we're here to support your fitness goals.

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