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Tannum Fitness Centre is your gateway to a world of thrilling recreational experiences. We have an exciting range of activities that are designed to entertain, challenge, and unite individuals of all ages and interests. Each unique leisure pursuit offers something for everyone. Dive into the exhilarating worlds of Squash, Smart Wall (sensory motor activity reaction training wall), Mini Golf, Short Mat Bowls, Bubble Football, and PickleBall. Whether you're seeking friendly competition, skill-building, or simply a good time, our diverse options ensure that leisure at Tannum Fitness Centre is an unforgettable adventure for all.




Our facility boasts a single official-sized squash court that's ready for hire seven days a week, with advance bookings strongly encouraged.


For your convenience, we offer squash racket rentals, and both rental and purchase options for squash balls. Additionally, our versatile squash court accommodates activities beyond squash, such as racquetball, rebound volleyball, Bubble Footy, and Pickleball.


We provide the necessary equipment for these exciting endeavours, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for all.

Tannum Fitness Centre


Sensory Motor
Activity Reaction
Training Wall


Smart Wall is a versatile system that brings together individuals of all ages, whether young or young at

heart, friends, teams, families, or other groups. This innovation merges physical and mental fitness with

fun - all in one.

By combining interactive technology and social engagement, it creates an environment that offers both important brain-body workouts and a platform for fitness. As the wall panels light up, participants leap, squat, hit, kick, or throw to engage with targets, fostering enthusiasm for exercise. Even those who

consider themselves reserved or not traditionally athletic - will love this workout!

It's fantastic to see kids transform from mere observers to relay-team leaders or outscoring their peers. With the XerPro SmartWall, participants benefit from cardiovascular and mental fitness while having ablast simultaneously!

Tannum Fitness Centre



Beyond being a fantastic opportunity for family bonding, mini golf offers valuable benefits like enhancing hand-eye coordination, honing spatial awareness, and promoting concentration and determination. Additionally, scoring becomes a simple yet engaging maths exercise for children.

Our mini golf course, boasting 10 holes, features bridges, ramps, and a variety of novelty obstacles that vary in difficulty. This family-friendly game challenges players to putt their ball through the course using the fewest attempts possible. With the freedom to play multiple rounds within an hour, it's a chance to strive for improvement with each try.

Mini golf can also be integrated into kids' parties, either as a standalone activity or paired with another.

It's a fantastic source of amusement for all ages!

Pricing ranges from $5 to $10, inclusive of a putter and ball usage.

Tannum Fitness Centre


Step onto the short-mat bowls arena, a thrilling game similar to indoor carpet bowls. Imagine the classic game with a twist – the playing area is more compact, bowls and jacks are smaller, and there's a sneaky block smack in the middle of the mat.


While the size may be smaller, the excitement is larger than life!


Why the block, you ask? It's here to keep the game dynamic by making it trickier to nudge opponents' bowls off their spots. Instead, players embrace the challenge, skillfully navigating their bowls around obstacles and even using their natural bias to their advantage. It's all about precision and strategy – whether it's scoring points or defending your position, short mat bowls have you covered.


With 2 mats and 4 sets of bowls on hand, the stage is set for 4 to 8 players to dive into this exciting activity at once.


Short Mat Carpet Bowls is the ultimate recipe for family rivalry or small group fun.


Don't miss out – book your spot and experience the thrill firsthand!

Tannum Fitness Centre
Mini Golf
Short Mat Bowls


Get ready to roll with Bubble Footy – an exhilarating twist on soccer!


Climb into oversized inflatable "bubbles" and dive into the action – whether you're scoring goals or simply bouncing and bumping around for laughs.


It's a laugh-out-loud experience, best enjoyed with friends, and can even spark a friendly competition.


Round up at least 4 players and up to a maximum of 8 for an unforgettable match. Remember, bookings are essential to secure your playtime.


And guess what? Bump Ball isn't just a game; it's the perfect party icebreaker too! Although the balls aren't available for hire outside the centre, we're here to make your celebrations epic. Keep in mind there are minimum and maximum size requirements for participants.


So, gather your crew, jump in the bubbles, and let the Bump Ball Footy frenzy begin!

Tannum Fitness Centre


Pickleball is a racket or paddle sport where two (singles) or four (doubles) players hit a perforated,

hollow plastic ball with paddles over a net until one side is unable to return the ball or commits an



While it resembles tennis in some respects and ping-pong (table tennis) in others, pickleball

has specific rules, paddles and court dimensions.


The hard plastic ball used in pickleball produces less

bounce than tennis balls and on each side of the net there is an area known as the non-volley zone,

where the ball must bounce before it is hit.


The minimal amount of bounce, the non-volley zones, and the underhanded stroke with which all serves are made, give the game a dynamic pace.

Pickleball is super-competitive -
join the craze and book your game today!

Tannum Fitness Centre
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