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Welcome to our personal haven of relaxation – the sauna experience at Tannum Fitness Centre.

Our sauna is your personal haven – an intimate space meant for solitary relaxation or shared with cherished family and friends. This ensures you're always among familiar faces, fostering a sense of ease.

Designed to accommodate up to three individuals, our recommended gathering size is ideally one to two people. Inside, a shower awaits for your convenience, completing your serene escape.

Enter a new realm of relaxation with our Infrared Sauna. This innovative approach envelops you in gentle, deep-body warmth, a departure from the surface-level heat of traditional "hot rock" saunas.  Bid farewell to eye or airway discomfort, as our Infrared Sauna offers a therapeutic experience that's both gentle and beneficial.

Personalise your experience further – control the heat to your liking. Engage in your own rhythm; play music, take calls, dive into a book, or simply let go and unwind (remember to protect your belongings from sweat). To heighten your relaxation, our sauna offers Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy options, making your visit truly indulgent.


Recharge your well-being with each drop of sweat. A steady flow of invigorating energy helps dissolve tension, triggering the release of endorphins and ushering your body into a state of pure wellness.


Several studies and expert endorsements attest to the transformative power of regular Physiotherm deep Infrared Heat Therapy. The result? A healthier, happier you - brimming with vitality.


Welcome to the world's most potent health retreat!


Infrared saunas – a treasure trove of health and beauty perks that address various concerns and offer relief from conditions like chronic fatigue and arthritis. Beyond this, they contribute to stabilising blood pressure and enhancing circulation.


Regular sauna enthusiasts often report experiencing:

  • Enhanced skin texture and firmness

  • Quicker recovery after intense workouts

  • Reduced joint pain from arthritis

  • Improved bodily detoxification

  • Relief from tight, sore muscles

  • Deeper and faster relaxation

  • Elevated energy levels

  • Enhanced circulation

  • Weight loss assistance

  • Improved sleep quality


If you're new to sauna usage or need a refresher on the procedure, our friendly centre staff is more than willing to assist with straightforward instructions. Don't forget – booking your session in advance is essential to secure your rejuvenating sauna experience.

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